The Greenstone Project received a positive Environmental Assessment Decision from the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change in December 2018.  In March 2019, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks also approved the EA. Since the approval of the EA at both a federal and provincial level, Greenstone Gold Mines has been moving forward in obtaining the necessary permits for the Project.

Key environmental documents related to the Greenstone Project can be found below.

View    Site Plan Drawing

View    Final Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Assessment

View    Compliance Monitoring Plan (Environmental Assessment Provincial Condition 4) 

View    Environmental Assessment 2019 Provincial Annual Compliance Report

View    Environmental Assessment 2020 Provincial Annual Compliance Report

View    Environmental Assessment Federal Annual Report (October 2019 to September 2020)

View   Environmental Assessment Federal Annual Report (October 2020 to September 2021)

View  Detailed Engineering Design Optimizations 2019

View  Temporary Camp Design Optimizations 2021

View    Schedules Required as Per Condition 10 of Federal Decision Statement

View    Fish Habitat Offset and Compensation Plan

View   Air Quality Management and Monitoring Plan

View   Biodiversity Management and Monitoring Plan

View  External Stakeholder and Indigenous Community Communications Plan

View   Fish Sampling Program and Fish Population Monitoring Plan

View   Historical Tailings Management and Relocation Plan

View   Mercury Monitoring Program and Management Plan

View   Multi-Media Monitoring Plan

View   Noise and Vibration Management and Monitoring Plan

View   Policy 2 Contaminant Monitoring Program and Reporting Plan

View   Sanitary Sewage Waste Management and Contingency Plan

View   Soil Management Plan

View   Waste Management and Contingency Plan