Terms of Reference

Greenstone Mine Community Sustainability Committee (CSC)

The CSC is a forum for dialogue and information exchange with residents of the Municipality of Greenstone with the goal of ensuring that local residents have an opportunity to express their views towards promoting positive economic, social and environmental cohabitation in the Greenstone region.


The committee’s role is to facilitate a space for dialogue and information sharing between Greenstone Mine, residents and organizations interested in Greenstone Mine activities; develop a common understanding of the environmental, social and economic impacts linked to Greenstone Mine’s activities and communicate the information from the CSC and Greenstone Mine activities to organizations and residents.

Areas of Focus

  • Upcoming Construction Activities

  • Environment: Noise, Air Quality, Water

  • Mechanism for handling feedback

  • Site visits

  • Cohabitation

  • Committee outreach to broader citizenship

  • Maximizing employment and procurement opportunities for the future operations

  • Health and Safety to support best practices

  • Community Development to support sustainable growth via investment in infrastructure, people and services


Members of the Committee

The CSC consists of local resident representatives to a maximum of nine (9) residing in the Municipality of Greenstone, representatives from the Municipality of Greenstone and  Greenstone Mine representatives.

Members of the CSC must reside in the Municipality of Greenstone and represent an interest in the following sectors: environment, socio-economic, health and social services, education and/or training, tourism and recreation, living near the project footprint, youth (18-29) and senior citizen representatives.

A Membership Sub-Committee supports new member recruitment and orientation. The sub-committee consists of three CSC members: two representing Greenstone Mine, and one nominated by the CSC.

The Membership Sub-Committee will:

  • Provide new members with an orientation to Greenstone Mine and the CSC
  • Conduct an annual review of the CSC, identify gaps in representation and develop a plan to recruit new members.

Duties of Members

  • Volunteer participants are encouraged to participate actively at scheduled meetings.
  • Both CSC members and Greenstone Mine will actively promote the CSC in the Municipality of Greenstone as a way of broadening both knowledge of and participation in the CSC.
  • Work constructively and collaboratively to discuss interests, concerns and opportunities arising from Greenstone Mine activities to arrive at solutions while respecting the difference of opinion.
  • Membership term is encouraged to be a two (2) year period.

Prospective new members will be provided the opportunity to be oriented to the CSC Terms of Reference, CSC functioning, and a history of CSC discussions to facilitate their ability to become an active member.


Meetings will be scheduled quarterly.

Meetings will be led by the CSC rotational chair and attended by the General Manager of Greenstone Mine’s and as appropriate additional department team members.

Administrative functions will be managed by Greenstone Mine.

Agenda topics will be compiled by Greenstone Mine following consultation with CSC members.

Invitations for guests outside of Greenstone Mine operations to attend the CSC meetings will be agreed to by the CSC and extended by Greenstone Mine.

Greenstone Mine will support the sharing of information by maintaining a CSC section on the Greenstone Gold Mines website: http://greenstonegoldmines.com/community-sustainability.