Update October 9th, 2023

October 9th, 2023

High Pressure Grinding Rolls Chute & Screen

High Pressure Grinding Rolls Chute & Screen

Planned activities for the week of October 9th include ongoing earthworks within the Tailings Management Facility (TMF), piping and electrical work for various buildings within the Plant Site area and drilling, blasting and hauling of rock from the open pit to support the construction of the TMF.


What's coming next:

Greenstone Mine wishes to advise the public that open pit activities are underway. Greenstone Mine will be conducting scheduled blasts within the Open Pit. A link to the Blasting Notices is located on the company website homepage.

At the Process Plant east and west ends, work on electrical and piping continues throughout the buildings. At the crushers, piping and electrical work are close to complete with pre-commissioning activities underway. At the High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR), equipment installation is nearing completion while electrical cable pulling and terminations continue. Cladding of the Ore Storage Dome nears completion. Installation of conveyor belts is ongoing with cladding of the transfer towers. Foundation work has commenced at the site of the new HONI Geraldton Operating Centre.

At the TMF, earthworks on the dam walls with rock from the open pit is ongoing.
Mine mobile equipment components continue to arrive and be assembled.

The public are reminded to continue to obey all posted signs across the Project area for everyone’s health and safety. Construction in and around Greenstone Mine involves the use of heavy equipment such as haul trucks, shovels, telehandlers, cranes, drills, excavators, skidders, bulldozers and loaders. The extensive project work over the last two years has significantly changed the landscape resulting in many new hazards. The old portion of the highway, including access to it through the MacLeod townsite, is now closed to the public to allow GGM more flexibility with the pit blasting as well as to complete piping work for water management in that area. For health and safety reasons, do not enter any unauthorized or active work areas within the Project footprint unless authorized to do so.

The safety of our employees, contractors and the general public is paramount as we complete the construction of the Greenstone Mine.