Update June 7, 2021

June 7th, 2021

greenstone mine update-07062021

Planned activities for the week of June 7th include Tree Clearing, continuing to advance the Early Earth Works and beginning the East Access Road construction.

What's coming next:

Forestry Operation Areas 1 and 2 Tree Clearing includes the clearing and removal of trees in preparation for project components such as the Highway 11 Relocation and the Process Plant Site. Area 1 activities will take place within the Mosher Pit and Mosher Shaft areas, while Area 2 activities are taking place South of Highway 11.

Early Earth Works are underway in preparation for project components such as the Temporary lodging facility, and the Temporary Effluent Water Treatment Plant. The Temporary lodging facility pad is located South of Old Arena Road, and the Temporary Effluent Water Treatment Plant is located South of Hardrock Road, include activities such as hauling and placement of material, with gravel extraction taking place from the Kenogamisis Pit located North of Highway 11 behind Between Bridges Inn. The erection of lodging facility modules is set to begin within the Temporary lodging facility pad area and this will cause additional tractor trailer traffic on Highway 584 and Old Arena Road leading to the Temporary lodging facility entrance. The East Access Road adjoining Highway 11 and Hardrock Road will commence road construction activities.

The Tree Clearing, Early Earth Works and Road Construction involve the use of heavy equipment such as: skidders, wood chippers, excavators, bulldozers, loaders, tri-axle haul trucks and tractor trailers. Please be advised of an increase in haul traffic on Highways 11 and 584, the Hardrock Road and Old Arena Road. For health and safety reasons, we wish to caution the general public to limit non-essential traffic within Hardrock Road and the Temporary Effluent Water Treatment Plant area during the Early Earth Works. The safety of our employees, contractors and the general public is paramount as we continue to prepare for construction of the Greenstone Mine..