Update April 18th, 2022

April 18th, 2022


The Administration Building is ready to receive the second floor.

Planned activities for the week of April 18th include on-going Tree Clearing, continuing to advance the Earthworks within the Tailings Management Facility, stripping and excavating in preparation for foundation work, ongoing work within the Highway 11 Realignment and MTO Patrol Yard, drilling and blasting within the Process Plant Site area and the Highway 11 Realignment and the installation of power lines and road construction. 

What's coming next:

Greenstone Mine will be conducting scheduled blasts within the Project Area and within the Highway 11 Realignment Area. Blasting will occur on a regular basis during the construction and operations phases of the Project. Blasting Notices are posted on the website homepage.

‘No Trespassing’ signs within the former Barton Bay Trail area due to work activities being undertaken for the construction of the Highway 11 Realignment and the MacLeod High Tailings (MHT) seepage collection system have been installed for everyone’s safety as this work will continue. With the MHT pump well building in place, pumping of historical tailings water to the Temporary Effluent Water Treatment Plant is underway. Earthworks in the Kenogamisis Pit located North of Highway 11 behind Between Bridges Inn will continue with loading and hauling of pit run material to the future Plant Site area. Excavation and backfilling of the future Plant Site footprint continues. Concrete installation is on-going within the future permanent Effluent Water Treatment Plant, Truck Shop, Process Plant west end and the Power Plant. First floor complexing of the Administration Building continues, and second floor module placement will begin. Batch Plant is commissioned, and concrete production is underway. M1 Pond excavation will continue. Temporary Power Line work continues within the future Plant Site area.

On-going hauling of material from the S4 Aggregate Pit to the future Tailings Management Facility (TMF) area continues. Construction of sedimentation ponds for water management and excavation and backfilling work for construction of the Goldfield Creek Diversion dyke and channel will continue. Tree clearing activities within the Lahti’s Road area in preparation for the construction of the TMF will continue.

Drilling and blasting within the future Highway 11 Realignment (west side) will continue. Excavation work and placement of materials continues east of Michael Power Boulevard. With the Michael Power Boulevard Crossing in use, motorists are asked to obey the 60 km/h maximum speed limit and to proceed with caution.  Work within the future MTO Patrol Yard continues with the construction of the entrance and foundations.

Construction in and around Greenstone Mine involves the use of heavy equipment such as zoom booms, cranes, drills, excavators, skidders, wood chippers, bulldozers, tri-axle haul trucks, articulated trucks and loaders. For health and safety reasons, we caution the general public to follow and obey all posted signs across the Project area.

The safety of our employees, contractors and the general public is paramount as we construct the Greenstone Mine.