Project Development

Key Milestones

Since the 2021 43-101 Technical Report, significant progress has been made to de-risk and advance the Greenstone Project.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Greenstone Project was held on October 27, 2021, marking the culmination of several years of engineering, permitting, and de-risking work to advance the Project to full-scale Construction.

  • The Federal EA and Provincial EA were approved in December 2018 and March 2019, respectively, and the Closure Plan was filed in January 2020. All permits required to initiate major Construction activities have been received and the Notice to Construct was filed in February 2021.
  • Three Agreements are in place with Indigenous communities and implementation activities are well underway on consultation, business opportunities and training.
  • The updated 43-101 Technical Report was filed in January 2021.

Detailed engineering for the Tailings Management Facility, Goldfield Creek Diversion, and Highway 11 relocation is complete, and detailed engineering for the Process Plant and supporting infrastructure has progressed to more than 85%.

There was significant procurement activity during the second half of 2021, with contracts committed for the major process plant equipment, power plant generators, administration building, steel buildings, mine mobile equipment and explosives supply. Approximately 45% of the planned contracts have been placed to date.

Early works activities were completed in late Q3 2021, with the commissioning of the temporary camp, construction office and temporary effluent water treatment plant. In Q4 2021, major construction activities got underway with contractors mobilized for the construction on the tailings management facility, the Goldfield Creek diversion, and the new portion of Highway 11.  The second phase of tree clearing progressed,  plant site earthworks has advanced ahead of schedule and the first concrete pour was completed in December 2021.  

Activities in Q1 2022 will focus on placing the majority of the remaining equipment contracts, advancing earthworks and concrete construction activities, and initiating preparatory works for steel erection that will begin in Q2 2022.  The concrete pours for the Reagent building, Sewage Treatment Plant building and Plant Site Fuel Station are complete and work on the Administration building has started. Concrete pours for the Permanent Effluent Water Treatment Plant, Truck Shop, Power Plant, and other facilities will take place over the next few months.