Project Development

Key Milestones

Since the 2016 43-101 Technical Report, significant progress has been made to de-risk and advance the Greenstone Project.

  • The Federal EA was approved in December 2018 and the Provincial EA was approved in March 2019.
  • All permits required to initiate Construction activities have been received, including the Closure Plan as well as the ECA and Permit to Take Water for initial construction activities. Indigenous communities and various government agency reviews of the remaining construction permit are underway.
  • Agreements are in place with local Indigenous communities, and implementation activities are underway.
  • Additional drilling campaigns totaling 38,000 metres were successfully undertaken in 2018 and 2019. The drilling program targeted additional areas that are planned to be mined in the first five years of operations.
  • In addition to the drilling, various optimization activities have been completed and updated in 2019.
  • Greenstone Gold Mines has engaged financial advisors to begin the process of identifying the various financing options that may be available for the Project.


Greenstone Gold Mines and its Joint Venture Partners have not yet made a decision on Construction. The main objective of the current workplan is to continue to develop the Project towards being in a position to make a Construction Decision. The current workplan includes:

  • Continuing permitting activities, including submitting the remaining construction permits.
  • Implementing the agreements with local Indigenous communities, in particular planning for training and business opportunities.
  • Completing the Process Plant detailed engineering that was initiated in 2019.
  • Advancing exploration activities including further development of exploration targets and refinement of geological models.
  • Finalizing draft agreements for the infrastructure relocation with MTO and Hydro One.