Project Development

Key Milestones

Since the 2021 43-101 Technical Report, significant progress has been made to de-risk and advance the Greenstone Project.

  • The Federal EA was approved in December 2018 and the Provincial EA was approved in March 2019
  • All permits required to initiate Construction activities have been received and the Notice to Construct was filed in February 2021
  • Detailed engineering for the Tailings Management Facility, Goldfield Creek Diversion, and Highway 11 relocation is complete, and detailed engineering for the Process Plant and supporting infrastructure has progressed to more than 80%
  • Contracts for the long lead equipment have been placed, including the mine mobile equipment fleet, process plant equipment, power plant equipment and the permanent effluent water treatment plant equipment.
  • The early works construction program is nearly complete and the Project is now ready to start mobilization of the major construction activities.  
    • The initial access roads are in place, and power and communications are set up across the site.
    • Approximately 30 Project Team members are working in the construction office that is set up on the future plant site.
    • The Temporary Lodging Facility with kitchen and gym is open hosting approximately 90 project personnel
    • The Temporary Water Effluent Treatment Plant was commissioned in September and treating approximately 420 m3 of collected water per day before being discharged into Kenogamisis Lake
  • Contractors have begun mobilizing equipment and crews in October to construct the Tailings Management Facility, Goldfield Creek Diversion and to begin work on the Highway 11 relocation.  The concrete pours for the Permanent Effluent Water Treatment Plant, Reagent Storage Building and Truckshop are planned for later this year.