Update July 26, 2021

July 26, 2021


The Temporary Effluent Water Treatment Plant (TEWTP) building assembly is now complete, allowing electrical, piping and mechanical work to begin.

The Temporary Feed Pond located near the TEWTP is lined with a High Density Polyethylene membrane and ready to receive water. This liner will prevent seepage, ensuring all site water is processed by the TEWTP.

Planned activities for the week of July 26th include continuing to advance the Early Earth Works within Kenogamisis Pit, the installation modules including finishing work within the modules and the Waste Shelter, and mechanical, electrical and piping work within the Temporary Effluent Water Treatment Plant building.

What's coming next:

Greenstone Mine is obeying the Industry Implementation Order declared under the authority of Section 23(1) of the Forest Fires Prevention Act. Due to the high risk of forest fires, all work on-site will follow strict protocols including fire watch and water truck on standby to mitigate the risk. All non-essential work has been postponed until further notice.

The Temporary Effluent Water Treatment Plant (TEWTP) located South of Hardrock Road, will continue with activities such as mechanical, electrical and piping work within the TEWTP building. Early Earth Works in the Kenogamisis Pit located North of Highway 11 behind Between Bridges Inn continues and includes the extraction and crushing of gravel for upcoming construction activities. Activities within the Temporary Lodging Facility pad area such as the erection of lodging facility modules and interior finishing continues, while the Waste Shelter and the installation of the High Density Polyethylene membrane are complete, interior finishing is underway. These activities will cause additional tractor trailer traffic on Highway 584 and Old Arena Road leading to the Temporary Lodging Facility entrance.

Activities within the following areas have been postponed until further notice: East Service Road adjoining Highway 11 and Hardrock Road for the installation of power lines, the Temporary Power Line Installation of power poles between Mosher shaft and the future Plant Site Access Road along Highway 11, and the S4 Aggregate Pit and Lahtis Road preparation work for future construction of the Tailings Management Facility Access Road and Lahtis Road upgrade.

The Early Earth Works within the Kenogamisis Pit and the installation of modules involve the use of heavy equipment such as: zoom booms, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, tri-axle haul trucks, and loaders. For health and safety reasons, we wish to caution the general public to limit non-essential traffic within Hardrock Road and the TEWTP area and to follow and obey posted signs across the Project area.

The safety of our employees, contractors and the general public is paramount as we continue to prepare for construction of the Greenstone Mine.