Key Project Components

The Project includes an open pit, waste rock storage areas (WRSAs), overburden storage areas, ore stockpile, ore crushing and mill feed ore storage activities, process plant, water management facilities, tailings management facility (TMF), power plant and associated infrastructure, and explosives facility.

Supporting infrastructure for the Project comprises buildings, service water supply and associated infrastructure, sewage and effluent treatment plants, site roads, watercourse crossings, realignments and habitat compensation/offsets, onsite pipelines and piping, fuel and materials storage, aggregate sources, and a temporary camp.

Existing infrastructure currently located within the Project footprint will be relocated, including a portion of Highway 11, a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Patrol Yard, and a Hydro One substation facility along with few power line segments.


Figure 1: Mine Site Plan

Current Activities

  • Detailed Engineering for the process plant and auxiliary infrastructure are well advanced and planned to be completed by fall 2020.
  • Project team has commenced work on project readiness for construction and necessary temporary infrastructure.
  • Engineering largely completed for Infrastructure relocations such as highway, MTO Patrol Yard and others.


Figure 2: Plant Site Layout